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Tetra ToruMin instantly creates water that is identical to naturally occurring tropical water (known as black water), just like the water that fish encounter in their natural habitat.
Peat extracts convert the aquarium water into brownish, crystal-clear tropical water where fish can feel at ease and fully display their own specific behavior and characteristics.
Bioactive ingredients, tannins and humic acids boost vitality and the natural colouring of the fish.
Facilitates acclimatisation, breeding and care of sensitive and valuable species of black water fish. Naturally stabilises the water's pH value.
Iodine helps prepare fish for mating and supports spawning. Natural peat extract gives the water a slight brown tinge, which decreases the amount of light and thus also reduces algae growth.
Carefully selected macro and trace elements promote plant growth. Guaranteed phosphate-free! Ideal for use with all freshwater fish such as discus fish, angelfish, catfish, neon fish or South American cichlids, as well as shrimps and crustaceans.
These pellets will float on the surface of the water and allow fish to feed in a natural way.
Medium Size pellets are ideal for Koi of 20cm upwards.
- Balanced formula of high quality ingredients
- Protein rich with high metabolised energy content to promote healthy growth, and contains beta-carotene for vibrant bright colouring
- Rich in essential vitamins and fatty acids (Omega 3), and contains beta-glucan for a strengthened immune system
- Formed into pellets of different sizes which are attractive and easy to eat for fish of different sizes/maturity


Usage Guidelines:
Add 2.5ml of Tetra ToruMin to 10 litres of aquarium water every 2 weeks. Use a double dose when administering the product for the first time.

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