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Suitable for all freshwater and marine aquarium
Excellent long-term stability for a large number of analyses

2 x 10ml

Usage Guidelines:
For accurate measurement of the nitrite content in fresh water (aquarium and pond) and marine water.
Test procedure. Please read this section completely before starting the test.
The test measures nitrite values ranging from < 0.3 to 3.3 mg/l.
1. Rinse the test vial with the water to be tested.
2. Fill the vial to the 5 ml mark with the water to be tested.
3. Hold the bottle containing test reagent 1 upside down over the vial and add 7 drops.
4. Close the vial and shake gently.
5. Leave the vial to stand for 10 seconds.
6. Open the vial, hold the bottle with test reagent 2 upside down over the vial and add 7 drops.
7. Close the vial and shake gently.
8. Allow 2 minutes for the colour to develop.
9. Shake the vial gently.
10. Hold the vial around 1 cm (finger's width) in front of the white surface of the colour chart. Match the shade of the test solution to the colour it comes closest to on the colour chart and read the corresponding value. After each test, rinse the vial thoroughly with tap water.
Values and assessment.
The nitrite value should be as low as possible. < 0.3 mg/l ideal > 0.3 mg/l harmful to fish

What should I do if the nitrite content is too high? - Carry out partial water changes (30% each) until the nitrite content is no more than 0.3 mg/l. Remove any dirt, such as plant and food remains

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