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CheckUp is a quick, simple and reliable home test kit that gives you an overall picture of your cat's wellness. Through a urine test, it can detect common conditions like high glucose levels, kidney failure, urinary tract infections or even blood in urine. 

It is easy to assemble, use, and it is non-invasive and stress-free.

Made in USA

1 kit
Consists of:
Patented hydrophobic litter 900g
2 Testing Strips
1 Sample Collection Vial
2 Sample Collection Pipette

Usage Guidelines:
1. Before pouring the hydrophobic litter, make sure the litter box is clean and empty. Pour the litter. Pour all hydrophobic litter into a clean and empty litter box.
2. Wait for your cat. Allow your cat to urinate freely on the hydrophobic litter.
3. Collect samples. Easily collect urine from the top of the sand with a pipette.
4. Fill the vial. Fill the vial using pipette to at least 3/4
5. Dip the strip. Simply dip the strip into collected urine, make sure all squares are submerged
6. Read results. Quickly place the strips on the results card and read it according to instructions.
7. Keep the samples. If necessary, close the vial with the cap and keep in the refrigerator.
8. Further analysis. If the test shows any positive results, take the sample to your vet for further information. It is extremely important to read the results according to the outlines time frames.

Refrigerated samples can be sent for further evaluation up to 48 hours.
Check up is for one-time use only and should not be used for multiple tests.

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