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Power up playtime with Power Play Dog Toys from Nylabone!
The aerodynamic Super Flyer Gripz is perfect for pet parents seeking a new and exciting take on a classic disc for dogs.
With 360-degree comfort-grip ridges, this fetching toy for dogs is strategically designed for easy pickup and tossing.
No matter how your furry MVP twists it, the resilient and durable material allows the interactive toy to spring back to its original shape.
Plus, whether playtime is on land or hits the water, the bright orange colour of this floating dog toy allows for easy visibility.
Fly higher, zoom farther, and play harder with the Super Flyer Gripz!
- Flyer dog toy soars in mid-air for exciting rounds of fetch
- Disc for dogs is easy to pick up from any angle
- Durable and boasts a bright colour for high visibility
- Ideal for land or water play.

Made in USA

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