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SKU : XY2820

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-Top class high quality sponge filter
-Adopting airlift system with biochemically treated sponge materials.
-Optimally filtration of bacteria while oxygenating the water.
-Multilayer Tank Filter helps the colonization of bacteria thereby eliminating harmful ammonia/ nitrite/wastes etc., which will create a good condition for the fish.
-Supplying the water with surplus oxygen.
-Reduced noise from bubbling therefore running more silently.
-Fish Tank Filter is suitable for external and top filter as pre-filtration unit.
-Easy maintenance and installation
-Small single horizonal sponge filter.
-Rigid construction except for air uplift which is telescopic.
-With single sponge, Aquarium Sponge Filter is for mechanical and biological filtration.

H130-153mm X 90 mm

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