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SKU : KC-9392

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Did you know that there are over a thousand tons of insoluble soybean parts being disposed of daily?
Kit Cat Soya Clump makes use of these materials to create a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly soy-based cat litter.
Soya Clump absorbs more moisture than traditional clay or crystal litter, and its fast absorption rate prevents toxic ammonia and urine odor.
It also clumps quickly and does not stick to the litter box, making it easy to scoop and flush in small quantities.
This cat litter is produced with food-grade natural soybean which contains no synthetic chemicals or dyes, so it safe and non-toxic for kittens, cats and humans.
- Eco-friendly, biodegradable soybean cat litter
- Quick clumping for ease of scooping and flushing
- Virtually 99.9% dust free
- Non-toxic with no synthetic chemicals or dyes
- Features odor control capabilities
- Soft and gentle on paws.

Natural soybean

7 Liters

Usage Guidelines:
For more than 1 cat, it is advisable to discard used litter more frequently. For hygiene purposes, it is best to wash your hands immediately after cleaning/emptying the tray.

Soymilk manufacturers generate approximately over a thousand tons of soybean wastage daily which are mainly disposed in a landfill. As such, you can be play a part to protect and care for our Mother Earth with the use of our Kit Cat SoyaClump

1 pack for 1 cat= 30 days supply

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