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Vitakraft is crafted with love for your beloved bird!
The Pro Vita range is a balanced, functional and delicious staple food for birds.
It contains Omega-3 fatty acids to boost cardiac activity, brain and immune system.
Also included are essential amino acids and a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio to ensure healthy bone growth.
This sugar-free diet promotes beautiful and healthy plumage and has probiotics to support digestive and intestinal function.
- With omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids
- Promotes strong immunity and good digestion
- Balanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus for bone care
- Boosts healthy plumage.

Made in Germany

Cereals (maize 4.2%), seeds (sunflower seeds 10%), minerals (stomach gravels), vegetables, fruits (dried dates 1%), oils and fats 1%, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, yeast (beta glucans 180mg/kg).

0.60% calcium, 0.30 % phosphorus, 3960 mg DL-methionine, 8945 IU vitamin A, 947 IU vitamin D3, 0.107 mg Selenium, 1.75 mg iron

750 grams

Feeding Guidelines:
Per cockatiel 1-2 tablespoons (15-200 grams) per day. Per cockatoo 2-3 tablespoons (approx 25-30g) per day.

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