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POND STICKS 10liter (1.2kg)

SKU : TT705829

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-Unique recipe and quality of raw materials for top health and condition.
-Easy to digest, thanks to the high nutrient availability
-Supports a healthy immune system, thanks to optimum nutrition
-Water quality improved by reducing added phosphate by 25% 
-Ideal daily diet for all pond fish.
Product of Germany.
Cereals, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin, fish and fish derivatives, oils and fats, algae, yeast
Crude protein...28%
Crude oils and fats....3.5%
Crude fiber...2%
Contains additives such as vitamins and minerals
10 liter (1.2kg)
Feeding Guidelines:
Feed at least two or three times per day, as much as your fish can eat in a few minutes. At water temperature below 10C, feed Tetra Pond wheatgerm sticks. 
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