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The Habitrail OVO Trainer is for the consumer who wants to create something really cool and different. The Trainer can be used as an outside exercise wheel or it can be used as wheels for a mobile set-up. Limited only by your imagination!!

Create something cool and different with the Habitrail OVO Trainer.

The Trainer has two functions: it can be used a stationary outside exercise wheel or it can be used as wheels for a mobile set-up. When using the Trainer as an outside wheel, you can watch your hamster enjoy his daily exercise while he spins around.

The advantage of adding the Trainer to any set-up is that it attaches to the outside of the habitat so you can actually see your hamster run.

The other amazing thing about the Habitrail OVO Trainer is, you can design a set-up which uses the Trainer as movable wheels.

You can actually build a set-up that allows you to pull or push your hamster around the house.

The Trainer has this unique rubber band which holds litter inside and gives traction to your mobile set-up.

When creating any movable hamster set-up always keep your pet's safety in mind.
Silent operation
Attaches on the outside of the Habitat - easier to see your hamster run
Versatile - More than just an outside wheel


Lock Connector
Rubber Band

5 X 5 X 9 inches

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