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MY POTTY PAD 50pcs - 45x60cm

SKU : MPP050



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My Potty Pad can be used daily for : Indoor dogs, ailing incontinent or senior dogs, lining crates and carrier, drying wet paws and fur, protecting car seats, large spills.
-6 layers for maximum protection (Top sheet non woven, upper layer tissue, polymer SAP, pulp, Down layer tissue, PE film)
-100% leak proof guaranteed
-Instant moisture absorbent
-Lock in Moisture, dries in minutes
-Controls odors, pleasant environment
-Handles multiple wettings
-Built in attractant for easy training
-No tracking

50 pads (45 x 60 cm each pad)

Usage Guidelines:
1. Unfold and place the pad, plastic side down in an area away from your dog's beds and food.
2. Place your dog on the pad several times to he can smell the pad and get used to it.
3. When your dog has relieves himself on the pad, reward him with praise and treat.
4. If your dog has an accident, bring him back to the pad immediately. Continue bringing your dog back to the pad to reinforce that this is the place to go potty.
5.Dispose of soiled pads and replace as needed.

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