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Aquael MINIBOOST is one of the smallest membrane aerators available.

Thanks to continuously adjustable performance, it can be easily adapted to any tank. One of its main advantages is the exceptionally durable membrane. The aerator guarantees perfect oxygenation of water in even the most demanding tanks.
- Small, powerful aerator pump with very low power consumption
- Power can be infinitely adjusted with a practical rotary knob
- Special construction of the membrane ensures a long service life of the aeration pump.

Made in Poland

Usage Guidelines:
The MINIBOOST 200 is targeted at owners of small and medium sized aquariums (with a capacity of up to 100 l). It designed to provide effective aeration of water in the tank. In addition, the device can be used to drive conventional sponge filters (nowadays mostly used in shrimp tanks and aquariums where baby fish are kept). As already mentioned, the device is very small in size (just 8.5x4x4 cm Miniboost 100), which means that it is inconspicuous and does not occupy much space.

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