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Tend for ill fish with AZOO MAGIC DISEASE TREATMENT.

The liquid treatment is effective against common bacterial, fungal and parasitic infections. Use in quarantine tanks when introducing new fish to your tanks.
- Effectively treats bacterial diseases such as Fin Rot, Ulcers, Infectious Dropsy and Ascites.
- Effectively treats fugal diseases such as Fin Rot, Saprolegnia sp. infection and Achlya.
- Effectively treats ectoparasite diseases such as White Spot, Velvet, Gill Worms, Flukes, Anchor Worms and Fish Lice.
- For quarantine use when introduce new fish into tanks.

Made in Taiwan

Malachite Green 0.035%, Formalin 12.5%, Erythromycin 1.25%, Sodium Chloride 1%, Acrinol 0.4%, Masoten 0.25%, Distill Water 84.57%.


Usage Guidelines:
- For treatment: Add 10ml per 100 liters of water every 24 hours for 3 days.
- For quarantine: Add 1ml per 10 liters of water in a isolated tank for one hour.
- Before treatment, remove the active carbon and do a 30% water change. Reduce feeding and provide strong aeration. After treatment, do a 30% water change again and replace the active carbon.
- If the symptoms persist, perform water change once again and repeat the treatment procedure.
- Shake well before use and pour to the aquarium water near filter outlet. Close the bottle tightly after each use.
- One full cap is equal to 20ml.

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