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Aquael magic algae stop is offered in the form of a small sachet that can easily fit into any filter container. Thanks to its unique properties, it prevents the growth of floating green algae responsible for the so-called green water effect. By removing algae from the water, it restores its clarity and transparency. The operating principle of Aquael magic algae stop is based on efficient chemical absorption of phosphates, nitrites, and nitrates, which constitute a natural breeding ground for algae. The removal of these substances is a very effective way to control the growth of algae without harming the fish, shrimp, and higher plants.

Before use, thoroughly rinse the filter media under running water and then put it inside the filter. One package is sufficient for tanks with a capacity of up to 100 liters; the operating life of the product is 6 to 8 weeks. For larger tanks, use two or more packages (in proportion to the tank capacity) or replace the filter media more frequently.

NOTE. After 6 to 8 weeks of operation, the filter media becomes saturated with phosphates absorbed from the water and may begin to release them back into the water. To avoid this, remove the filter media and replace it with a new one. The efficiency of the filter media may vary depending on the conditions in the aquarium.

-Antialgal filter media
-Removes floating green algae, restores water clarity
-Lifetime: 6-8 weeks (for 100 l)
-For all types of filters (internal, hang-on and canister filters)

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