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Duna Fun is a large three-storey cage for hamsters!

The spacious and comfortable interior has three levels connected by two ladders, and is equipped with a feeder and a drinking bottle, a small house and a wheel. A set of play tubes for your hamster completes the cage, running from the inside to the outside of the cage, creating a fun path for your rodent.

Duna Fun is a modular cage that can be connected to other habitats or hamster tubes by means of special adapters: This allows you to further expand the playing area of your pet. Solid and durable, the habitat consists of a plastic bottom, and a transparent plastic cover with wire mesh that allows for full visibility of your small furry friend. The wire roof entrance can be locked with special rotating clips, and can be fully lifted for easy access to the cage.

For more thorough cleaning, the bottom of the cage can be separated by unhooking the side fixing clips, thus allowing all cleaning and maintenance operations to be carried out easily.

Your hamster will experience truly luxurious living with the Duna Fun!

Made in ITALY


55 x 47 x 37.5cm(3.78kg)

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