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GLASS HARMONY 600 HIGH L39.2 X W58 X H40cm

SKU : GX041937

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Glass Harmony 600 High is a clear cage made of glass on the front, side and rear, making it easy for you to have an excellent view of your hamster!
The higher height of this cage allows the installation of wheels with a height of 40cm.
It features a dedicated stage with a width of about 22 cm, so you can secure a solid bottom area to move around in.
It comes with fewer parts for hassle-free assembly, and features a front opening to allow your hamster to get used to people.
The cage is also easy to clean with a removable tray.
- Easy to assemble, easy to clean
- Offers a great view of your hamster
- With removable bottom tray.

Made in Indonesia

L39.2 x W58 x H40cm

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