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Combining a variety of materials and play patterns, the versatile Fling-a-Bounce is sure to become your new favourite in interactive dog toys.
Designed in colours that are highly visible to our four-legged friends, this blue and yellow dog toy combines a durable rubber ball and double-layered canvas tassels.
With a long-distance launch loop made of sturdy canvas, any pet parent can easily throw this dog fetch toy and watch it soar up to 80 feet!
Offering hours of playing and bouncing fun, the rubber ball end features grooves that make it easier for dogs to pick up and grip during tugging.
Tease and engage your furry best friend with high-quality canvas tassels that are irresistible during playtime.
Fly farther, bounce crazier, and play harder with the original Fling-a-Bounce rubber and canvas dog toy!
- Made with rubber with durable tease-and-tickle canvas tassels
- Grooves on rubber balls make it easy for dogs to pick up and grip
- Yellow and blue toy specially designed in high-visibility colours
- Long-distance launch loop to help it soar up to 80 feet.

Made in USA

For Medium Dogs.

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