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Dom & Cleo Organics Fibre Blend offers an easy way to add fiber to your pet's diet. If your pet has never been on raw, the fiber blend may help with an easy and smooth transition. With just four certified organic ingredients, this GMO-free blend is ideal for pets that are allergic to certain fruits and vegetables. 

It also helps to maintain proper pH balance and promotes a healthy digestive tract for bowel regularity and form. 
- Fiber blend to help transition to raw diets
- Free of GMO
- Promotes healthy digestive tract and bowel regularity.

Organic flaxseed, Organic apple, Organic psyllium husk, Organic pumpkin

12 oz

Feeding Guidelines:
Add 1/4tsp to 50g of food, mix and feed. Amount may be increased or decreased as desired to help firm up stools as needed or when transitioning diets.

Store in cool, dry place and refrigerate after opening.
Always make sure hands are completely dry before coming into contact with product and measuring scoop.

Best used within 3 months of opening.

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