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DIAPER FOR GIANT BREED - 11pcs (43-46cm)

SKU : ALT-6864

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Altimate Pet Diaper brings ultimate comfort to your female dog!
Specially designed for female dogs in heat, or for incontinence and excitable urination, these diapers are highly absorbent and are leak-proof.
Each diaper is made with an elastic material to ensure a snug and perfect fit, and features adjustable tabs that are easy to secure without the use of peel strips.
A unique wetness indicator changes color to make it easy for you to know when it's time to change the diaper.
- Highly absorbent and leak-proof
- With adjustable tabs
- Elastic material ensures a snug fit
- Features an indicator that changes color when diaper is wet.

For giant breeds 11 pcs
43 - 46cm

Usage Guidelines:
Simply slip your pet's tail through the diaper hole, wrap the diaper around each leg and pull the adjustable tabs around the belly to secure.

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