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Having the correct CO2 level is critical to the healthy growth of water plants. The plant will not grow in insufficient carbon dioxide conditions, however, having a high concentration of CO2 will be harmful to aquarium fish.

AZOO CO2 INDICATOR is a color-changing indicator that will quickly and accurately monitor changes in CO2 levels in fish tanks, which takes the guesswork out of tank maintenance. The indicator is suitable for both hobbyists and professionals as it is easy to use, efficient, and offers long term monitoring of tank CO2 levels.

Made in Taiwan


Usage Guidelines:
- Add 5 drops of CO2 test solution to test vial
- Fill aquarium water slowly into the test vial till the water level line
- Fit the bottom stand with the test vial tightly, and rotate it up side down as the figures
- Put AZOO CO2 INDICATOR inside the aquarium, approximately 10 cm below the water surface
- Compare the color in test vial with the appropriate color bar stuck to the outside of the tank. Most cases it will use color card 1 (KH=2-7). Use color card 2 as higher carbonate hardness (KH=8-15).

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