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Tap water supplies are generally high in chlorine as it is an oxidizing agent commonly used to kill most disease germs and prevent disease from spreading in water supplies. Any chlorine that remains in the water supply is commonly called "residual chlorine" and will poison the mucous membranes and gills of fish, killing them. Each kit includes a sample vial, color comparison chart, spoon, liquid reagent, reagent powder for 35 tests.

Analysis of results:
1. 0 mg/l indicates no residual chlorine exists in the water.
2. 0.01~0.02 mg/l indicates that the level of residual chlorine is dangerous to fish.
3. 0.05~0.10 mg/l indicates that the level of residual chlorine is fatal to fish.

Range of test:
0~0.1 mg/l.

1 kit contains
Measurement Vial: 1
Reagent: 1
Test powder: 1
Spoon: 1
Color chart: 1

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