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Grass fine and thin is a special grass with a soft and fine texture. It is a matter of taste and given, the choice, most cats will choose "Grass fine & thin". Cats need grass. Fresh grass gives them fiber, vitamins, and essential nutrients and in addition, helps them to cough up hairballs. If they are not provided with fresh grass, they will start eating (unhealthy) houseplants. This product is designed to grow fresh grass, all year round to help keep your cat healthy and fit, even during the winter when fresh grash is not available outdoors.

Usage Guidelines:
The packaging contains a bag of seeds and a bag of growing medium. Place the growing medium in the base half of the plastic packaging and neatly sprinkle the seeds across the entire surface. Ensure that you evenly distribute the seeds for best results in your mini garden. Pour a cup of water (150 ml) over your mini garden and close the lid. In just a few days, your seeds will start to germinate. After germination remove the lid. Keep the growing medium moist. After around 10 days, the crop will be ready for consumption.

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