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BioCeraMAX 600 is a unique contribution designed for biological water filtration in freshwater and marine aquariums, paludariums, aquaterrariums and terrarium pools.

It has the form of rolls made of porous ceramic material, which provides a very large filtration area of 600 m2.

Made in Poland

Usage Guidelines:
BioCeraMAX 600 is immediately ready for use and does not require rinsing or any other additional activities. The contents of the packaging should be poured into the filter basket or the filtration chamber. In order to ensure optimal results, it is recommended to place the BioCeraMAX 600 cartridge behind the mechanical filtration cartridges and the chemical filtration cartridges. One package, i.e. 1 liter of BioCeraMAX 600, is recommended for AQUAEL filters: UNIMAX 150, UNIMAX 250, MIDIKANI 800, MINIKANI 80, MINIKANI 120, ASAP and VERSAMAX. In the case of other filters, one package is recommended for the aquarium about 250 l capacity.

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