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Marina Ying/Yang Betta Kit provides a cool and trendy way to showcase your betta. It includes all the basic equipment and is perfect for first-time betta keepers. The aquarium's chic design blends in nicely in a variety of household or office settings and is a simple way to bring a calming element to your everyday environment. With a cubed dimension of only 6", the aquarium takes up very little space and looks great on counters, desks, podiums or mounted on a wall.

The kit includes:
- 2 L (1/2 US gal) clear plastic cube aquarium with frame
- Colourful gravel
- Decorative background with Ying/Yang theme
- Nutrafin Max Betta Food
- Nutrafin Betta Plus Conditioner

2 L (1/2 US gal) clear plastic cube aquarium with frame

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