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Marina Betta Kits include everything you need to set up and enjoy an elegant and serene aquatic world in your everyday environment.

Available in a variety of design themes, the chic and unique aquariums add a contemporary touch to homes or offices, plus they provide a cool way to showcase betta fish.

The Marina Betta Kit - Contemporary Theme comes complete with a 2-litre (0.53 U.S. gal) plastic cube aquarium with white frame, a contemporary-themed decorative background, natural gravel (215 g/7.5 oz), 3 red decorative stones, Nutrafin Max Betta Food (3 g/0.105 oz) and Nutrafin Betta Bowl Conditioner (59 mL/2 oz).
The Betta Kit makes it so easy - just add fish and water!

2 liters capacity plastic cube

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