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SKU : NG11803

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Keep your aquarium plants healthy and strong with AZOO Plant Premium!
This plant care solution is specially formulated for the professional care of aquatic plants in all aquariums.
It contains the most comprehensive and sufficient quantities of trace elements, major elements, as well as the chelated formula of ferrous iron and natural organic matters needed for healthy plant growth and maintenance.

Made in Taiwan


Usage Guidelines:
For a newly planted tank: Add 3ml per 100 liters of water once per 7 days for the first two weeks. For regular use: (Depending on the density of aquatic plants). Add 10mI per 100 liters of water every 4 to 7 days.
Recommended to also change 50% of water on a weekly basis.
One full cap is equal to 20ml.
The inner cap is equal to 5ml.

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