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NitriPro is a highly condensed, long-lasting dormant bacteria powder that is useful for both new tank set-up and tank maintenance.
For a new set up, AZOO NitriPro helps build the biofiltration system rapidly.
The bacteria decompose toxic substances such as ammonia and nitrous acid.
It can also eliminate bad smells, protein, oil and foam on the surface.
This help to prevent the death of fish and shrimp due to poisoning.
For maintenance, AZOO NitriPro helps strengthen biofiltration ability.
It effectively controls the growth of pathogen, and increases the health of water lives, which helps the prevention of fish diseases.

Made in Taiwan


Usage Guidelines:
Add 3g per 250 liters of water when setting up a new tank. (A full spoon volume is 1g).
Use once a week, adding 1 gram per 250liters of water.
Recommend using NitriPro and NitraAct together to achieve the best efficiency of water purification.

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