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AZOO PLUS Arowana Auto Recycle is specially formulated for the water treatment of highly polluted aquariums of Arowana and Ancient fish.
This product includes a variety of chemical free aerobic and anaerobic bacteria collected from nature.
Due to the outstanding decomposition capability of pollutants in aquariums, Arowana Auto Recycle provides the fish with a high efficiency bio filtration mechanism.
It instantly decomposes organic compounds, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hydrogen sulfide, and other harmful substances.
This product also breaks down fish excrement and any uneaten food, blocking the source of pollutants in an aquarium.

Made in Taiwan


Usage Guidelines:
New aquarium: Add 20ml per 100L of water.
In the first week, add an additional 10ml per 100L once each day for 3 days.
Water change and routine maintenance: add 10 ml per 100L of water once per week.
One full cap is equal to 20ml.
Inner cap is equal to 5ml.

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