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Toxic substances such as chlorine and heavy metals can get into the aquarium water with every water change.
Even our well monitored tap water often contains such substances in concentrations critical for fish.
Sera aquatan immediately removes the pollutants and conditions the water to fish friendly, healthy aquarium water.
This ensures optimal living conditions for fish, invertebrates, plants as well as useful micro organisms.
- For permanently fish friendly, safe and clear water
- Immediately removes chlorine and chloramines
- Binds toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc or lead
- Prevents water pollution by ammonia
- pH neutral formulation
- Quickly allows new additions when combined with sera bio nitrivec.

250 ml

Usage Guidelines:
5 ml sera aquatan for every 20 l of water
-With new setups with partial water changes
-During transport
-In stress situations (multiple dosage possible)

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