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Remove harmful and unwanted chemicals from your tropical fish tank with AZOO AQUAGUARD PLUS.

This multifunctional water quality stabilizer contains a variety of organic ingredients that strengthen the pH buffer capability in the aquarium.
- Neutralizes residual chlorine from tap water
- Neutralizes harmful heavy metal substances immediately
- Protects the mucus layer of the fish body and minimizes stress
- Contains natural antibacterial ingredients to help natural resistance to diseases
- Helps fish adapt to a new environment.

Made in Taiwan

Sodium Bicarbonate 4%, Citric Acid 1%, Humic Acid 1%, Citrus Extract 2%, Terminalia Catappa Leaves Extract 3%, Vitamin B1 1%, Vitamin B2 1%, Vitamin B6 1%, Distill Water 86%.


Usage Guidelines:
- For setting up a new aquarium, add 20ml per 100 liters of water
- For water change, add 10ml per 100 liters of water
- For regular use, add 5ml per 100 liters of water on a weekly basis.

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