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SKU : XB305

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For aquarium up to 100 liters capacity (27 USG).

Dimensions 18.2 X 12.2 X 26(H) cm
Capacity 2.5 liters
Diameter of hose: 12 mm X 16 mm
Max flow: 440 L/ H

Usage Guidelines:
1. Read instructions carefully. Before Assembly and look for warning signs marked on the product.
2. Use correct power supply voltage for this product. Electrical rating label is located at the bottom of the filter. Use a secured stand-alone power outlet for the filter.
3. Makes sure to install the filter correctly before operating. The filter chamber must filled up with water before the filter is plugged into the power outlet. Otherwise, the pump may burned out.
4. If the power outlet is located below the filter, drop the power cord loosely creating a drip loop to prevent water from dripping into the power outlet
5. This filter is for indoor use only. Operated the filter with temp at 50 F - 95 F (10-35 C). The pumps maximum lifting height in 110 cm.
6. Unplug the power cord when the filter is not in use. Before installation, or when the filter is being cleaned.
7. When setting up a new aquarium, run the filter 24 hours before stocking with fish.
8. Do not disassemble the motor stand. If the product is defective, return to an authorized service center for repair.
9. The power supply cord cannot be replaced. If damaged, the filter should be discarded.

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