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9in1 GUPPY PELLETS 120ml

SKU : AZ80067

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Azoo Guppy Pellets is specially formulated for guppies and livebearers, promoting growth and enhancing body color.
It contains all the essential nutrients needed for daily health.

White fish meal, corn meal, flour, soy bean meal, spirulina, cod liver oil, squid meal, krill meal, mysid, yeast powder, carotenoid, lecithin, glucan PSB, multi vitamins, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, chlorine.

Crude protein......40.% min
Crude fat............. 5.6% min
Crude fiber............8.0% max
Moisture.............. 5% max

120 ml

Feeding Guideline:
This well balanced food should be fed 2-3 times a day, but only as much as the fish can eat within 3 minutes.

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