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Pet Care Consultant (PCC)

Every pet parent will tell you how far a little guidance and advice on their pets’ health can go. That is why at PLC, our Pet Care Consultants (PCC) are always on hand to provide their extensive experience and knowledge. Our goal is to empower pet owners to take charge of their fur kids’ health and wellness.

Understanding your pet’s health and well-being from a holistic view is the key to your pets’ optimum health. Our PCCs combine their backgrounds, skills and experiences to share with our customers. Our PCCs are:

  • veterinary-trained professionals

  • Veterinary Nutritional Advocates certified by Hill's Science Diet

  • experienced in pet care and small animals

Think of our PCCs as a one-stop solution to get the best insight on your pets' health, equipping you with knowledge that goes beyond nutritional advice and counselling. They are with you every step of the way, from the first time you get your pet, to when you shop for the daily necessities of food, shampoo, treats or accessories.

In addition to assisting customers and recommending solutions based on indications and needs, our PCCs never stop sharing for the sake of expanding your knowledge, so that you become the best pet parent you can be.


This is an exclusive service brought to you by Pet Lovers Centre, and it's absolutely free for all our web visitors!

Our Pet Care General Enquiries Live Chat is now integrated with the free telehealth consultation service. Our goal with this initiative is to make it easy for pet owners to get professional advice and access to pet healthcare expertise from the safety and comfort of their homes. By leveraging the power of video chat, we make it convenient for you to ask our experts anything about the health of your fur kid.

So reach out to us today along with your pet via our brand new telehealth consultation service and get the best remote pet healthcare advice that your furry friend deserves!

Pet Care Consultant Live Chat Support Operating hours:

  • Monday to Sunday, 9am to 10pm

Speak to our consultant today via Live Chat here or in our stores.