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NutraGold is identified as a producer of super premium dog food products, which focuses on making their products grain-free to cater to any canine allergies. Their foods are made in four manufacturing facilities in the US, namely Northern California, Central California, Missouri and South Carolina.

While carbohydrates may be one of the six nutritional components of food, dogs are able to digest proteins and fats more efficiently. Therefore, NutraGold dog food uses mainly animal-based protein ingredients in their recipes such as real high-quality duck, turkey and whitefish. These proteins not only help with weight control, but also aid in building strong muscles in your dog. Sweet potatoes are then added to provide flavour in the foods to leave your dog wanting more. Furthermore, all NutraGold recipes are suitable for all life stages.

To store NutraGold dog food effectively, you may use a bag and store the food in a cool and dry place but be sure to keep it away from pests. These positively reviewed dog foods will definitely provide your dog with the balanced and tasty meals that he needs.

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