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ERA is a visionary pet food brand that is devoted to offering the best diet for your dog. Consisting of high quality and functional ingredients, their recipes aim to help your dog live a long healthy life.

A careful selection of key ingredients is used to improve the function of your dog’s body and increase his life expectancy. One such ingredient is algae, specially sourced from the North Atlantic Ocean. It reduces the formation of stones and tartar, while improving your dog’s oral health.

Due to the high fresh meat content (65%) of chicken, duck, and salmon, ERA’s range of dog food is nourishing and has excellent flavours. Other ingredients include brown rice, vegetables and fruits, as well as essential vitamins. Together, they provide energy with low glycaemic index through a balanced diet.

Easily digestible and premium ingredients keep your dog active and happy. Shop the assortment of ERA’s delicious recipes today!  


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