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When it comes to milk consumption for pets, there are often concerns regarding allergies such as lactose intolerance that may cause indigestion. This concern, however, is not relevant when it comes to COSI’s Pet Milk. This milk is specially formulated with this common concern in mind and is hence made to be lactose-free, making it safe for both cats and dogs to drink.

COSI Pet Milk is meant to be served alongside your pet’s main dry food meal as a form of hydration, which is important as pets usually have a low thirst drive. Additionally, drinking milk is beneficial as it is a rich source of calcium – crucial for building and maintaining bones and teeth. This flavourful milk has received many positive reviews from customers, as it is even suitable for puppies and kittens to consume. Be sure to get your hands on the COSI Pet Milk to help your precious pet achieve a well-balanced and nutritious diet!

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