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ACTIVPETZ are fortified dog treats created by Loving Pets! Established in 2005, Loving Pets Corporation focuses on affordable, high-quality, all-natural treats for pets. The brand’s founding vision is to create new innovations and healthy alternatives pet owners can trust, with a quality second to none.

With deep retail distribution across the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and growing international markets, the brand continue to focus its efforts on healthy pet treat options. The range of ACTIVPETZ soft chew dog treats contain vet-recommended supplements in significant levels and real, wholesome meat. The treats are fortified to support dogs for issues like skin & coat health, joint & hips function, digestive health and more. The holistic treats are free from filler grain, wheat, gluten, soy and corn for quality you can trust. 

ACTIVPETZ treats are tasty and full of goodness to supplement your dog’s health. Explore the range of treats now.

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