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Woof-a-thon 2015 - SHF's 1st Pet Walkathon! sgadmin 30-March-2015 10:31:00
Singapore's 1st International Guide Dogs Day! sgadmin 30-March-2015 10:28:41
PetExpo sgadmin 23-February-2015 5:37:47
Pet Adoption Event Big Splash sgadmin 29-January-2015 4:56:36
Breakfast Event for Jack Russell Terrier Owners sgadmin 20-January-2015 12:17:39
Smiling Pet Photo Contest! 2015-04-01
Make You Pet A Star Pet Contest! 2015-03-01
Adorable Pet Of The Year 2015-02-01
Caught In The Act Pet Contest! 2015-01-08
Most Summer Pet of the Year! 2014-12-01
The Sweetest Dog of the Year! 2014-11-01
The Ugliest Pet Of The Year! 2014-10-01
The Most Mischievous Pet of the Year! 2014-09-01
The Most Cheeky Hamster Of The Year! 2014-08-01
The Fiercest Dog of the Year! 2014-07-01
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29 June 2014 : Female dog trainers don't lose out to their male counterparts
31 December 2013 : Stiffer AVA rules on pet purchases
14 December 2013 : Supplement surge
24 October 2013 : Animal welfare groups get dedicated retail space to hold adoption drives
19 October 2013 : Dangerous bites
Lump on the neck Sharonvenise 24-April-2015 8:42:42
Hypothyroidism mickqk 28-February-2015 19:12:43
Puppy wont put its front paw down!!! crsl 13-December-2014 16:47:38
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) harky 10-December-2014 14:36:31
Sprained leg and loose knee philea1711 30-November-2014 16:54:27
Disease from cats to humans plcpcc 29-October-2013 11:19:14
Obvious 3rd Eyelid in Community Cat Blurlee 14-August-2013 7:59:24
kitten hair loss using Frontline parysa.m 24-January-2013 22:35:02
Need help melchidec 25-December-2012 18:01:02
Help!My cat has been restless lately Bloom4564 26-September-2012 9:06:12
My RES keeps opening her mouth! anaakbari 05-September-2012 0:44:05
05-May-2015 4:10:53
Triops not hatching :( Lyin 13-July-2011 14:39:15
Adding stuff into triops tank poopoochee 11-July-2011 10:55:47
My triops did not hatch at the same time poopoochee 11-July-2011 10:54:04
Bird wings FionaJiang 05-March-2015 15:09:59
BIRD FEATHER MITES Pet Care Consultant 30-May-2012 5:37:26
Bird sitter in 2 weeks marucomoruca 17-May-2012 10:34:03
Spanish Parrots Adams 19-May-2011 10:07:39
baby bird found Pet Care Consultant 25-January-2011 10:06:36
Betta Fish has tumor :( Mariam 09-August-2012 12:44:44
Fishes keep having white spot Pets 10-February-2012 9:30:25
My fish has a white spot on each of its eyes. HELP! Mariam 30-October-2011 11:39:36
I think my fighting fish has dropsy. Correct me if I'm wrong. Min85 04-October-2011 5:10:28
Betta Fish also known as Fighting Fish ;D leomelvintoh 23-August-2011 6:58:23
Is my terrapin sick? aishah1326 04-January-2015 21:07:00
new terrapin? mochipan 01-January-2015 8:03:57
Can baby terrapins be placed beside my laptop iefuzs 01-December-2014 4:52:31
UV Bulb plcpcc 03-November-2014 12:33:50
Terrapin not eating for the 5th Day sylrone 29-June-2014 13:10:57
Rabbit Limping Julius 31-January-2015 4:20:46
Need Help kwng25 07-September-2014 10:20:39
Please help!! Not sure what's wrong with my rabbit :( potaro 20-November-2013 17:15:09
Local Netherland for adoption(brown Colour, 7 mths old, male) Yuanjun09 12-November-2013 19:27:05
Bunny for Adoption . *FOC include the Cage* cindycheong 29-August-2013 11:17:21
Young hamster furloss/scratching Daidee 25-March-2015 11:00:45
Hamster has pus on it's limb wendykxy 16-February-2015 12:47:39
Advice needed. Alice007 27-January-2015 19:33:10
Hamster ear Minnie96 26-December-2014 14:32:54
Black colouration of hamster's skin mikkkowen 24-December-2014 18:34:49
inbred laomao 08-September-2014 14:33:56
Red ear? lyssab1993 21-April-2014 5:56:24
Out of Cage Toys kelvgoh 05-August-2013 16:59:38
chinchilla grooming meteor 17-March-2013 13:33:07
Cost of sending a sick chinchilla JANE12 13-January-2013 11:50:15
Guinea Pig
guinea pig breathing problems julierees 23-December-2014 17:06:20
Male Guinea Pig For Adoption esthernggk 10-December-2014 9:04:47
Guinea pig is skinny? sarahhhh2510 30-November-2014 17:14:47
Leaving guinea pig at other people house chian 25-November-2014 10:30:05
G.Pig losing a lot of fur Chthonic1983 10-February-2014 4:35:07
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