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Pet Lovers Centre (PLC)’s corporate social responsibility is all about pets, people, and our planet - a principle that drives our sustainability strategy. As a matter of fact, we see commercial progress, sustainability, and social growth as intertwined and inseparable. This is why the practices and projects of the entire PLC group are aligned with our commitment to create a better environment for all.

Our philosophy of sustainability is woven into our culture of providing the best pet care services to our customers. We have set a bar with transformative goals that prioritize sustainability. Indeed, our past and present initiatives reflect this imperative.

PLC acknowledges the place of quality services and products that are also sustainable and therefore maintains its resolve to this call. We see this as the backbone of our continued success in caring for our customers' interests and the environment while achieving our corporate ambitions. Here are some of the projects the company has embarked on:

Plastic Bag

Plastic Bags

Innovations along this line have become the order of the day, with initiatives underway such as BYOB Monday and Wednesday aimed at cutting down the use of plastic bags, as well as increasing the use of biodegradable plastic bags on other days.

Eco Bag

Eco Bags

The company has also been active in mitigating the harmful environmental impact of plastic bags through its limited-edition eco bags commemorating our milestone of 100 stores.

Carton Box

Carton Box

We have a recycling policy for our carton boxes, which are reused for delivery packing.

Housebrand packaging

Housebrand Product Packaging

Our house brands' packaging is evolving to generic packaging that's environmentally friendly, cutting down printing and fancy packaging.


Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Our workspaces are becoming more energy efficient with energy savings by replacing inefficient bulbs with LED lights.