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VARI KENNEL GIANT (48x32xH35 INCH) 90-125lbs

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-Extra durable, versatile and portable Vari Kennel Crates for airline and auto transportation and crate training
-Giant Breed Vari Kennel easily converts to pet bed by adding a cozy crate mat
-Easy to assemble and assembles in minutes without any tools
-Wire doors & vents add strength & durability for large dogs
-Ideal for larger breed dogs

This giant breed Vari Kennel is great for giant dogs like Great Danes, Greyhounds, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, and Bull Mastiffs. This extra durable and highly versatile carrier is the ideal solution for traveling with your pet and taking your pet on vacations, vet visits, grooming appointments, pet shows, and more. These Vari Kennel Crates meet most airline requirements and they easily convert to a pet shelter or bed. Designed for optimal versatility, these crates are also great for crate training or potty training. When it comes to crate training or traveling with your extra large breed dog, then be sure to check out the PetMate Traditional Vari Kennel Giant Portable Kennel.



L 48" X W 32" X H 35"

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