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Your cat will love the comfy sleeping space provided by the Kitty City Sleepy Corner. This kitty corner firmly holds the structure and comes with universal joints that can be connected to other kits easily. It features platforms, cubes, and ramps that make it ideal for your kid to jump, hide, and climb. The reinforced pipes of the plug n play cat sleepy corner are thicker than most standard pipes, thus giving a durable performance for years to come. The kitty corner comes with different scratching surfaces to protect your furniture and promote healthy paws. The kitty corner is the ideal place for your cat to be comfy and keep it active and engaged.
-Kitty City Sleepy Corner:
-Detachable Plug N Play toys connect with any Easy Fitting opening
-Platforms, ramps, cubes are ideal for jumping, climbing, hiding
-Reinforced pipes are thicker than the standard pipes
-Multiple scratching surfaces promotes healthy paws and protects the furniture
-Universal joints easily connects to other kits and firmly holds the structure together


L 44 X W 45 X H 45 cm

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