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Azmira Para Clear features diatomaceous earth to eliminate a variety of environmental infestations including fleas, ticks, flies, ants and cockroaches. 

It has a food-grade formula that is safe for the environment, plants, pets, children, as well as beneficial bugs. The powder can be sprinkled around the yard or home, applied in small amounts to pet bedding and directly on the pet's coat to create a barrier against pests.
- Contains food-grade diatomaceous earth
- Prevents and eliminate infestations of fleas, ticks, flies, ants and cockroaches
- Safe for pets and the environment.

100% Food grade diatomaceous Earth.

This is different from "pool" grade diatomaceous earth, Azmira's Para Clear is safe to use with pets.

2.5 lbs

Usage Guidelines:
For maximum benefit, sprinkle liberally around indoor and outdoor areas.

Be sure to brush Para Clear down into carpet base while also applying to baseboards, cracks, pet's bedding and under furniture. It is safe to use directly on your pet, around children, plants, food or added to dry goods.

Repeat as often as needed, especially after area gets wind blown, wet or vacuumed. Remove vacuumed debris after each cleaning.

Non toxic to our environment, pets, kids or beneficial bugs. For optimum car of your pet's healthy environment and general wellness, we recommend you consider the twenty-plus hears of research behind all Azmira pet products. Azmira's founder an internationally renowed natural pet care pioneer and author, created Dr. Newman's Holistic Animal Care Lifestyle.

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