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Suitable for crystal shrimp, aquatic plant, fresh water, salt water tank.

- Decomposes mass pollutants in the gravel rapidly. Eliminates bad smell. Makes  gravel recover to the best purification situation.

- Eliminates toxic hydrogen sulfide and efficiently 
- Removes growth of planaria efficiently.

Contains beneficial bacteria, special growth medium, including many strains of denitrifying bacteria, photosynthetic, Euryhaline, Bacillus spp. and anaerobic bacteria

100 grams

Usage Guidelines:
1. Add 3 grams per 250 liters of water when setting up a new tank. (A full spoon  volume is one gram)

2. Use once a week, adding 1 gram per 250liters of water.

3. Shake well after mix the powder with little water by a bottle. Add it evenly  to the aquarium, filtration tank or filter media will effect better.

4. Recommend using "NitriPro”and”NitraAct”together to achieve the best  efficiency of water purification.


1.Contains special growth medium for bacteria attachment and growth. Absorbs toxic substance of the water. Softens substrate to eliminate the bad smell. Recommend for blank, invertebrate or aquatic plant tank. Add it evenly into aquarium, filtration tank or filter media will effect better to avoid undissolved powder fallen on the water lives.

2.Recommend to keep some fishes when set up the new tank to generate nutritive salt for bacteria. The complete bio system will be built up after a week of 3 to 4 times appliacation of"NitriPro” or"NitraAct”

3.During the first month of usage, avoid changing water and cleaning filter media frequently that destroy the multiplication of bacteria.

4.Apply more volume during change-water or bad water condition.

5.Avoid applying anti-bacteria treatment when using "NitriPro” or "NitraAct”

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