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Virtually all bacteria products sold around the world contain Heterotrophic bacteria.  These bacteria are responsible for the digestion and breakdown of solid organic waste in the aquarium.  This breakdown of solid waste results in the production of ammonia, and other soluble nitrogen compounds, which can be then broken down by the filtration system.  Products containing only heterotrophic bacteria will cause ammonia levels to increase before they start to decrease. 

BacterLife P is a blend of 2 essential groups of bacteria that arecultivated specifically for ponds. One group of bacteria break down solid fish waste, uneaten food and plant debris, whilst the other actively feeds on ammonia, reducing toxicity levels.

For use in ponds only. Activates filters, digest sludge.

Heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria suspended in water.

1 liter

Usage Guidelines:
Natural weekly cleaning treatment.  Use in accordance to your aquarium needs and dimensions.

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