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Pet Lovers Centre's goal is to become the region's leader in pet care services by serving not only its customers but also the community and the environment.

One of its top priorities is to give back to society. The Pet Lovers Foundation, together with The Pet Safari, organise educational talks and visits to its stores in order to promote awareness of responsible pet ownership. Pet Lovers Centre Junior Club, is an additional platform for PLC's corporate social responsibility initiatives.

KDF Flag Day 2019 

Our inaugural collaboration with Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF) for its fundraising event happening on 3 Aug 2019. PLC staff and pets volunteered plus a few selected PLC stores were included for online donations too. $45,000 was raised for the street collection. Click Here for more details.

A visit to Kreta Ayer Senior Activity Centre 
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Pat's Schoolhouse at Halifax 
Education Tour at Pat's Schoolhouse