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Black is the New Green

Introducing our limited edition eco bag to commemorate our 100th store

The Pet Lovers Foundation was established by Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) as a non-profit organisation with a mission to serve Pets, People and our Planet.

PLC has come out with this limited edition eco-bag that’s not only elegant and functional, it is also our way of commemorating another milestone in our company history — that of opening our 100th store! 

In addition, PLC donates a portion of the proceeds of the sale of this item to the Pet Lovers Foundation. What this means is each time you purchase an eco-bag, you help save a stray, lost or abandoned animal; you help the people and agencies create better shelters for them; and you help reduce non-biodegradable waste. This simple cooperation is a win-win for all. Hurry and make a purchase at your nearest Pet Lovers Centre or The Pet Safari store. While stock lasts!

Our mission is formidable, but when we work together, we can move mountains.

For image of Eco Bag, please click HERE