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Dog Gone Smart Meteor NanoSlim

The Meteor NanoSlim raincoat protects your dog from wind, rain, and dirt. It is lightweight for comfort yet strong and durable. With D.GS' "stay-clean" nano treatment Repelz-It, making fabric more resistant to dirt, stains, liquid, and pet odor.

NanoSlim features a contoured elastic tail cutout and enhanced elastic body panels around the neck and chest for a great fit. Top central hexagon-pattern panel is made out of our retroreflective Meteor fabric.

D.GS Retroreflective Technology 

Utilizing thousands of highly reflective microscopic beads, the Meteor jacket has a glowing effect at night. When a light beam hits reflective material, the light bounces back to the source. The light bounces off the tiny beads and reflects back like a mirror. It is called a Retroreflection. It will help keep dogs safe during night walks.

Natural Farm

Delicious and wholesome chicken, sweet potato and quinoa are the only ingredients used to make our Natural Farm dog chews. No fillers, corn, wheat, or artificial flavors. This makes the 3 ingredient bones a great choice for people who are concerned about ingredients in their dog's treats.

Rolf Club 3D

Rolf Club 3D - Triple protection from ectoparasite!

Ticks and fleas are a very annoying problem that plague dogs and sadly, they can quickly be transferred to humans also due to the constant itching of your pet. To prevent the spread multiplication of these small parasites, the Rolf Club 3D spot-on is here to help.

Key Features:

  • Three powerful levels of protection: product kills parasites before they bite, protects against re-infection for a long time and breaks the life cycle of parasites.
  • Knock down effect within 2 minutes: the paralytic effect of the product prevents the parasite from bites and movements.


Complex solution against external and internal parasites.

Our cats and dogs are under constant threat of getting infected by ectoparasites (ticks, fleas, etc.) and endoparasites (helminths, called "worms" in everyday speech).To protect pets from these infections, typically pet owners use two types of products: Flea & Tick and Dewormers
But now you can get rid of the all the hassle of using two different products for two different problems with new INSPECTOR Total.

Inspector protects from14 types of external and internal parasites including fleas, lice, ixodid ticks, demodectic mites, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and heartworms.

Only administered once a month with efficiency proved by clinical tests.

Icelandic+ Dog Treats

Icelandic+ is the preferred choice for those Pet Parents seeking natural, high quality pet treats which are crafted from unique, sustainable, and responsibly sourced ingredients. Pet treats such as Icelandic+ Combo Bites…They come with only two ingredients, they’re air dried, and feature four delicious flavor combinations…including Cod & Lobster! These treats are produced and packed in Iceland, the purest place on the planet!

ERA Functional Snack

The ERA Functional Snacks provide numerous benefits to your faithful companion and help you enjoy a healthy development and a longer and happier life by your side.


Flexi retractable leashes are highly complex precision products, distinguished by their patented high-tech spring system and many copyrighted innovations. Innovative technology, convenient hand­ling, high-quality materials and exclusive craftsmanship underline the perfection of flexi’s retractable leashes. Whether you are looking for something classic, sporty, trendy or elegant, our broad range of products will impress every dog and dog owner. flexi is ‘MADE IN GERMANY’ at its best.


Naturaliss is a range of complete feeding that also includes snacks and emulators that rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters that are in the wild. It is a 100% natural product, without added colorants, with a high quality in its diversity of plants and the aromas provided by a bag. It includes a wide variety of plants that help with tooth wear and a multitude of properties for the body and the mental health of pets. Eating Naturaliss it will be a feast for rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.