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Icelandic+ Dog Treats

Icelandic+ is the preferred choice for those Pet Parents seeking natural, high quality pet treats which are crafted from unique, sustainable, and responsibly sourced ingredients. Pet treats such as Icelandic+ Combo Bites…They come with only two ingredients, they’re air dried, and feature four delicious flavor combinations…including Cod & Lobster! These treats are produced and packed in Iceland, the purest place on the planet!

ERA Functional Snack

The ERA Functional Snacks provide numerous benefits to your faithful companion and help you enjoy a healthy development and a longer and happier life by your side.


Flexi retractable leashes are highly complex precision products, distinguished by their patented high-tech spring system and many copyrighted innovations. Innovative technology, convenient hand­ling, high-quality materials and exclusive craftsmanship underline the perfection of flexi’s retractable leashes. Whether you are looking for something classic, sporty, trendy or elegant, our broad range of products will impress every dog and dog owner. flexi is ‘MADE IN GERMANY’ at its best.


Naturaliss is a range of complete feeding that also includes snacks and emulators that rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters that are in the wild. It is a 100% natural product, without added colorants, with a high quality in its diversity of plants and the aromas provided by a bag. It includes a wide variety of plants that help with tooth wear and a multitude of properties for the body and the mental health of pets. Eating Naturaliss it will be a feast for rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters.


Fokker is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cat and dog food. Their popularity can be attributed to their innovative, high-quality products that are affordable and packed with essential nutrients.



Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons

Thanks to the Eyenimal Crazy Ribbons, cats remain active and entertained. Ribbons will attract your cat and stimulate his hunter instinct.

Eyenimal Smart Bloom Pet Fountain

Designed to prevent stagnant water, this pet water fountain is perfect for your pet. Water in constant movement attracts the animal and encourages him to drink regularly throughout the day, thus boosting his health and wellbeing.

Nano Sanitas

NanoSanitas self-produces proprietary nanoparticles to include small amounts of Nano-Silver in their products. This provides organic protection against bacteria and bugs, especially fleas and ticks. Furthermore, it boosts the healing of wounds and relieving of infections.

All NanoSanitas products are manufactured under strict quality control tests and production standards. This is to uphold their exceptional quality and exclusivity.