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Burp! Jelly Cup Cat Treats

  •  Perfect high protein snack
  • Great as a meal topper & Complementary food
  • 2 generous 40g cups per pack

Grandma Mae's Pet Dry Food

Benefits of Grandma Mae's Country Naturals Food:

Developed by two top veterinary nutritionists to be a complete, holistic diet with all the nutrients and meat protein cats and dogs need to stay healthy and active.

Great Palatability Perfect for Picky Eaters. Excellent for Pets with Sensitive Stomachs, Digestive, Urinary and Other Health Issues. Made with the Highest Quality Human Grade Ingredients. All Formulas have 70% or More Protein from Animal Sources. Unique Slow-Cook Low-Temperature Process Maintains Higher Nutrition levels than with Conventional Pet Food. Many Types of Meat Proteins offered for Rotational Diets and Allergy Issues. All Cat Foods are “Uristic:” Uniquely designed to help Prevent Urinary Tract Issues. Supplemented with DL-Methionine which Dogs Convert to Taurine Naturally.

Cliny Pet Products


Of course, we take care of ourselves every day, but how about our pets?. Hygiene is vital for them too. It impacts on health and overall condition of the animal.

Cliny is the first series of hygiene products for cats and dogs that utilised silver ions. These ions have a powerful broad-spectrum bactericidal effect without causing allergies and intoxication. Moreover, silver is the microelement necessary for the normal functioning of internal organs and body systems, increasing the immunity of an animal.

The hygiene products of the Cliny series have been especially designed to meet the physiological needs of animals. Together with Cliny, pet owners have an easy and convenient way to keep pets clean.

Relaxivet Dog Products


Fears and phobic reactions of pets are far more common than you might imagine, ranging from fear of loud noises and new places to fear of strangers and other animals. Pets need special calming products to prevent such unwanted behaviour.

Relaxivet No-Stress innovative formula containing pheromones and essential oils QUICKLY REDUCES STRESS preventing its reoccurrence for long.

 Wide product range allows to use products in various situations.