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John's Farms Pet Treats

Here at John's Farms, we believe that if it’s not good enough for us, it's not good enough for our pets.

All of our treats are made with only certified ingredients.

We refuse to use animal meals or fillers like corn, wheat or soy, and neither artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives.

Instead, we stick to simple, all natural recipes to make sure we are providing the very best quality food to our best four-legged friends.

Burp! Dog Canned Food

Burp! Everyday Casserole for Dogs

Natural whole prey nutrition made easy

We’ve developed biologically appropriate, balanced and complete food based on a perfect blend of quality fresh meats and organ meats to achieve optimal health for our dogs.

These nature-inspired delicacies with 60% high meat content are available in the following mouth-watering recipes and suitable for all breeds of adult dogs.




Satisfaction at its best!

Burp! Dog Treats

Burp! Singapore Delight Dog Treats

Fancy a Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball or Singapore Ice-cream Sandwich?

Inspired by our eternal love for savoury local delights, we’ve created healthy and delicious dog treats in a variety of forms that closely resemble our beloved snacks which are made of human grade real meat. These Burp dog treats are high in protein and suitable for all sizes of dogs.

Without any artificial colouring, grain, corn or meat meal, you can reward your dogs with these super premium treats at any time of the day. However, do ensure your dogs have an adequate amount of fresh and clean water at all times.

Satisfaction at its best!


Mhims Dog, natural wet food for dogs

Mhims Dog is a line of wet food for dogs made of fresh meat and fresh fish (up to 84%) and vegetables. Cooked in its own juice, olive oil and healthy herbs such as clove, rosemary and grapefruit. Most of them are grain free products.

6 choices: Chicken & Vegs, Fish & Vegs, Ibérico & Vegs, Duck & Vegs, Beef & Vegs, Mhims Puppy.

Tetra Pack is the container where they come (375g). This packaging is thermal conductive. This means that a homogeneous temperature is reached, together with fish or meat juice. It can be recyclable and indeed, we contribute to the low carbon footprint.


MyPets Solutions stands for quality and reliability. The brand is the new business unit born from the Italian worldwide-known company MPS, leader for pet solution products world. The mission is to provide well-done and fancy accessories for a wide range of pets that goes from dogs and cats to birds, rodents, fishes and reptiles. MyPetsSolutions products are the perfect mix between resistance and design: why to forget reliability and good-looking if you can choose both? Thanks to the different versions, customers can choose the most suitable product for their needs: cool colours and dedicated sizes!