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Open Farm Dog & Cat Food & Treats

Transparency, premium nutrition, and ethical sourcing. These three values are what guide Open Farm in everything we do - from the way we procure our ingredients, to how we package our products. And because we believe pet owners have the right to know exactly what’s in their pet’s food and where it came from, we’re always ready to provide the proof. That’s the “open” in Open Farm. By working exclusively with farmers who share our commitment to exceptional quality and sustainable farming practices, we can make a better food for your pet while at the same time doing some good for family farms, farm animals and the environment.

Bacterisan Hand Sanitizer

Antiseptic for healthy skin and for pre-surgical rubbing of the sanitary technical personnel.

Burp! Scottish Salmon Oil for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

Burp! Scottish Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that support a healthy immune system, heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, healthy skin & coat and good for brain and eyes.

Burp! Scottish Salmon Oils comes with two variants:

  • Burp! Ultimate Bliss Scottish Salmon Oil with Cactus Extract offers natural calming and relaxing effect. Help to ease physical & mental stress.
  • Burp! Immuno Glow Scottish Salmon Oil with Algae Extract is a natural calcium booster. Good for joint & bone care. It helps to boost collagen formation and anti-aging.

This range is made with 100% natural, human food-grade ingredients. 

Formulation free from alcohol, coloring and flavoring. Suitable for dogs, cats, and small animals (rabbit, guinea pig, hamster etc).

Boo Boo's Best Dog & Cat Treats

SuperFood Nuggets Treats for Dogs & Cats

Treat Your Pet Like a SuperHero! These delicious, healthful treats are made with flavorful meats or fish, delectable coconut flour, and whole-food, nourishing superfood fruits, vegetables and spices.

SuperFood Nuggets Treats for Dogs & Cats are smoky, savory, chewy and irresistible. All-natural, grain-free, Made in the USA with globally-sourced organic, non-GMO, Fair-Trade coconut. Humanely-raised pork and turkey raised in the USA without antibiotics. Humanely-raised, antibiotic-free French duck. Wild-Caught USA salmon and Whitefish.

  • Picky eaters love them
  • High-value training treats for Dogs
  • Perfect for treat-toys
  • Cat Treats with Catnip!
  • Cats love to play with them, chase them, and then eat them!
  • Even dogs and cats with bad teeth and older dogs love the texture


Boosters Treats for Dogs & Cats

Made with French rabbit, USA alligator, and USA wild boar, our unique preparation method combines this delectable meat with healthy and delicious fruits. We then slowly dehydrate this blend to lock in exceptional flavor and nutrition. The soft, chewy texture makes it easy to break off any size pieces you like!

These unusual proteins are great for pets with allergies, food sensitivities and digestive issues. Plus the flavors are so enticing dogs will do anything for them, which makes them terrific training treats. No Grains, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Artificial Ingredients or ingredients from China. Meats Raised Without Antibiotics, Steroids or Hormones. 100% Natural.


Mighty Mussels Treats for Dogs & Cats

From the crystal clear waters of New Zealand, these little Green Mussels are Superfood gems: A natural source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which may help to support the health of skin, coat, nails, joints, heart and immune system; perfect for dogs and cats of all ages who want a delicious, crunchy, healthy, whole-food snack.

Chogong Dog & Cat Treats

Cho&Kang was founded in 2015 introducing a variety of pet snacks which aimed to make our flurry companions live happier and healthier. Starting with Korean traditional herb soups, we use only the natural and healthy ingredients. All Cho&Kang sticks are made in Korea WITHOUT any artificial coloring & preservatives, no MSG.

John's Farms Pet Treats

Here at John's Farms, we believe that if it’s not good enough for us, it's not good enough for our pets.

All of our treats are made with only certified ingredients.

We refuse to use animal meals or fillers like corn, wheat or soy, and neither artificial flavors, artificial colors and preservatives.

Instead, we stick to simple, all natural recipes to make sure we are providing the very best quality food to our best four-legged friends.