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Buffet Cat Food

The complete wet cat food BUFFET® features tender meat chunks in delicious jelly cooked in Sweden with utter love and care on the factory DOGGY AB. The use of natural products from Swedish farms makes BUFFET® delicious and nutritious. Even the choosiest cats will be fond of BUFFET®! 

BUFFET® uses Tetra Pak® – an easy-to-open, easy-to-close unique packaging that is unlike any other in the world. The traditional Swedish quality and variety of tantalising flavours will make this a favourite with any cat!

Vetgies Dog Treats

At Vetgies, we are group of dog lovers who want only the best for our four-legged buddies. We like to think outside the box and bring innovative solutions to make our pups as happy as they make us every day! Vetgies treats are a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to rawhide. Our treats have NO ANIMAL SKIN! They are made from pumpkin, are high in protein and have no artificial color. We added probiotics for an easy digestion and super yummy aromas that your dog will LOVE! Also, because of its high digestibility and softer texture, Vetgies treats reduce risks of chocking. Let your dog try it and you’ll never think of rawhide again! 

Alleva Dry Food

ALLEVA BY DIUSAPET, a complete line of dry foods to nourish your beloved 4-legged-family members!

ALLEVA Pet Foods are 100% made in our own plant close to Milan, without any compromises.  We guarantee superb quality for your dogs and cats throughout all stages of their life, assuring a 360˚ holistic mind and body wellbeing,  your pet is the center of our interest. 

We use the best technology: the steam cooking process, which guarantees a perfect cooking of the carbohydrates (great stool performance) and a gentler treatment of the ingredients to preserve their natural benefits (such as palatability).

We choose the highest quality ingredients and phytonutrients with proven benefits on the total wellbeing of dogs and cats:

  • Aloe Vera to support skin regeneration
  • Desaccharified sugar cane fiber for glycemic control and to control the hairball formation
  • Natural Ginseng to energize and vitalize
  • Cloves, lemon, turmeric and rosemary to help limiting the cellular aging

Our Diusapet Team is powered with experienced people, guided by Mother Nature and by Love for pets!

We do not simply feed your pets; we nourish them with love!