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Oven-Baked Dog Food

Cooking ingredients at lower temperatures for longer will provide your pet with a nutrient-rich and delicious meal. Here at Pet Lovers Centre, we have a varied selection of oven-baked dog food from brands Stella & Chewys and Wellness.

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Oven-baked dog foods have been cooked at relatively lower temperatures for longer periods of time. This traditional way of cooking is gentler and often focuses on quality over quantity, which is why there is a limit to what can be produced within a fixed period. This also explains why there are very few brands that offer this type of dog food.

While it is rare, it is an advantageous method to sustain the nutrients and flavour of the ingredients used. In fact, close to 100% of the vitamin content is preserved through oven baking because of its lower temperatures. Furthermore, being cut in irregular shapes, these kibbles will promote more chewing, keeping your pet’s teeth clean and improving digestion at the same time.

Whether you choose oven-baked dog food or regular kibble recipes, pick according to your dog’s nutritional needs. If he is in need of improving digestion, this will help tremendously. On top of that, like all food that you pick for your pets, ensure that there are no harmful ingredients included such as artificial preservatives, additives or colouring.