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Fediaf (The European Pet Food Industry) :  Pets and the Coronavirus

Experts from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) advise there is no evidence that companion animals such as dogs and cats could spread or transmit the virus that causes COVID-19. For full article read here

Article appeared on Pets International, dated 23 Mar 2020.

Covid-19: Whatever it takes, to keep Pet Lovers Safe

We hope that you and your pet are safe during this COVID-19 outbreak. As you know, your pet has always been at the heart of Pet Lovers Centre. Their importance to us during this period of the COVID-19 outbreak is no exception.

Given these unprecedented circumstances, we have taken the necessary precautions for the health and safety of our customers, staff and pets.

We have stepped up the cleaning of our stores, warehouses and delivery fleet in furtherance of and adherence to the health and hygiene standards set by national and international authorities. Our employees have also been included in our ongoing efforts to follow such standards when it comes to yours and their health and safety.

We are committed to using our expertise in pet care to support you during this challenging time. Please feel free to consult our in-store pet care consultants on how to keep you and your pet well and protected. Alternatively, you can shop online 24/7 @ www.petloverscentre.com.

Stay healthy and stay safe! We wish you well as always.

How pet retail stores closure is impacting our customers ? 

Good reason to reopen pet supply stores 

I appeal to the Government to allow some pet supply stores to reopen. Pet owners were caught by surprise when closures were announced. We did not have enough notice to get our supplies. These shops provide an essential and very important service. Besides selling food and pet essentials, they also sell off-the-rack emergency medicine and flea medication for pets, bedding, pee pads and other items.

Pets such as rabbits have very selective diets. They can't eat what we give to dogs and cats. Dog and cat food may be available in supermarkets but the choice is limited. Buying online is not the same or as easy as some items are out of stock and some pet owners have said they cannot get their ordered supplies in time as there is a backlog. I also think that some leeway should be given for pet grooming. Some long-haired dogs, cats and rabbits need regular grooming which not everyone is qualified to do. Please allow the stores to reopen for one week or so for us to get our supplies. Or perhaps allow one store in each estate to remain open? 

Feedback first appeared in The Straits Times Forum, on 25 April 2020 by Wheatley June Audrey

Trip to pet supply store similar to visiting supermarket 

I placed online orders with two stores at the weekend, and the earliest delivery dates for both were in two weeks or later due to the surge in demand. Fortunately, I have supplies to last until then, though I may have to ration certain items. I cannot imagine how others are coping if they do not have enough supplies.

Online stores also charge a fee if an order does not meet the minimum sum for free delivery. This may impact those from lower-income households. And pet owners who are elderly and not tech-savvy may not be able to make purchases online. Supermarkets may offer some choices of dog and cat food, but most of the brands available may not be of the same quality as those available at dedicated pet supply stores.

As long as proper safe distancing measures are in place and customers do not loiter, a visit to such shops is no different from a trip to the supermarket. When I visit a pet supply store, I spend at most 10 minutes there, compared with double that time at a supermarket.

Feedback first appeared in The Straits Times Forum, on 27 April 2020 by Oh Jen Jen (Dr)


I am writing to appeal to the Government to allow pet groomers to resume essential grooming for some animals of certain breeds.

Some breeds need grooming, for their fur and nails, as well as to clear their anal sacs, and so forth.

I have a cocker spaniel that needs grooming at least once a month as it is a long-fur breed. In addition, it has immune mediated polyarthritis, a condition where the fur between its paws needs to be shaved more often to prevent sliding and sprains.

For grooming, most pet owners would drop off their pets and leave, picking them up only when they have been groomed. There is minimal contact between individuals. Safe distancing is still observed.

Perhaps the authorities could require a medical reason for each pet that needs to be groomed.

Hairdressers and barbers have been allowed to resume their services. Let pet grooming resume too.

Feedback first appeared in The Straits Times Forum, on 6 May 2020 by Joyce Anne Chia

Keeping Pet Lovers Centre Safe for our customers and staff

Precautionary Measures installed by Pet Lovers Centre for Covid-19

At Retail Store & PLC IHQ

SafeEntry Pass

Use SafeEntry for contact tracing daily




Temperature screening daily upon reporting for work



See Dr

If unwell, see the doctor




Wash Hands

Wash hands frequently with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer




Wear a mask at all times




Cleaning twice daily of areas with high human contact




Declaration of health and travel status by staff



Travel ban

No travel for staff with effect from 23.03.20




Enforcement of Safe Distancing Measures for retail establishments from 12 May 2020, installed by the Singapore Government agencies


SafeEntry Pass for customer

Use SafeEntry for contact tracing daily



Temperature check

Temperature screening for customers



Mask up

Mask up at all times



Queue spot

Stand within demarcated 1m floor markers at store entrance if there’s a queue to enter



Limit number of shoppers

Shop in the store within 1m spacing at all times and the store is limited to number of customers at any point in time for safety crowd control






Contactless delivery

Social Distancing with contactless delivery

With the current high-risk situation, we need to reinforce the greater need for social distancing when fulfilling your deliveries. Drivers will remain at least 1 metre away from you at all times.



Receive your orders through contactless delivery


Contactless delivery step 1

Driver will press the doorbell upon arrival. Please ensure you are reachable during the time of delivery.



Contactless delivery step 2

Driver will place your items on your doorstep for collection, keeping at least 1 metre apart from you. For cash collection, you may leave your payment on the floor in the presence of the driver.

For your safety, kindly refrain from checking the items on the spot.*



Contactless delivery step 3

Drivers will wear masks and sanitise their hands before and after every delivery.



We will keep you in the loop of any changes as the situation evolves. Rest assure that your well-being is our top priority.

*Kindly reach out to Customer Service if there are issues with your order.