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Cat bowls

Looking for the best cat bowls in Singapore? Pet Lovers Centre has brought in a huge variety of cat bowls with varying designs and materials from awesome brands like Rogz, Catit and Savic. With so many design options, you are sure to find just what your pet needs and prefers.

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The way you present the food to your pet is as important as the food that you feed him. In order to select a suitable cat bowl for your feline friend, there are a few factors you should consider.

Firstly, avoid purchasing plastic cat food bowls as they tend to accumulate bacteria and oil that would cause your pet to have acne. Next, consider your cat’s breed as certain breeds such as Persians have flat faces and would require an elevated cat bowl or one with a stand that is tilted at an angle. Other factors that you should take into account include the depth of the bowl based on your cat’s preference and the ease of cleaning up. A material that is easy to wash is ideal in order to practice good bowl hygiene.

At PLC, we have cat bowls of different materials from ceramic to stainless steel and even cute cat bowls for the fancy little ones. Shop our huge collection of cat bowls today.