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Logo Rationale

An animal lover at heart was the late father of Singapore's first pet shop idealist. Mr. Robert F. L. Ng and his brother Mr David F. C. Ng. They created the logo in 1973 with popular pets during that time which were dogs, cats and fishes. All 3 pets on the logo were hand drawn by Mr David Ng and Mr Robert Ng named the company Pet Lovers Centre. The color maroon brought warmth and signified PASSION to them with a touch of strength and boldness. As the years passed by and the company grew with the second generation taking over, ideas surfaced, it was time to re-vamp 23 years later. The ordinary dog became a poodle that showed style and elegance. The ordinary cat became a statue of poise with a mystique of calmness and the fish looked stronger. All the 3 house pets were faced to the right to be forward looking.

With 47 years intact and counting, this logo will remain in the hearts of us all sentiment animal lovers @ Pet Lovers Centre in Singapore.

It's the fuel of life.
It's what makes life worth living.
It's that unspoken word between a mother and her child, a pet and its owner.
It's the reason why today, Pet Lovers Centre is the biggest pet care retailer in Singapore, as well as in Asia, outside Japan. The very same reason why, after having won a string of awards, it was named the category as well as overall winner of the 2008 Singapore Prestige Brand Award.
It's also the reason why Pet Lovers Centre goes to such great lengths to ensure that it’s customers can shop in any of their 159 outlets In Singapore, Malaysia, Bangkok, Philippines and Vietnam with total confidence and peace of mind.

Great lengths like coming up with its own Burp and Trustie brands to make high pet living accessible. Introducing a no-question-asked return policy. Having buyers from different continents work around the clock to source for the best pet products from all over the world. Insisting on constantly refreshing it's product mix by phasing out obsolete products and introducing new ones. Placing quality measures to ensure that the pet food it supplies is always fresh, always supplied "just in time", and never more than three months old.

Great lengths that include making it possible in Singapore for you to shop in a mall with your pet by your side. Or offering online shopping, and on-time, door-step home delivery to busy pet owners. Or stationing vet-trained, pet care consultants at its outlets to provide professional advice. Or even giving its front-line employees more than the average number of training hours in order to serve its customers better. Not to mention promoting responsible pet ownership by supporting animal welfare organizations.

Great lengths that can only be possible because of passion.

All passion. All pets.

That's Pet Lovers Centre.